The Dennelisse LHCSA

Where Health Matters and Support Begins

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The Dennelisse LHCSA

The Dennelisse-LHCSA’s success is due to its continuous transformation and learning of the changing healthcare and employment environment we face today.  We have built a strong, loyal and competent team from the Board of Directors to employees, contractors and clients.  We acknowledge that each and every one has played a crucial role in our successful years of services.  The agency’s, interdisciplinary and the understanding that a client’s cultural and diverse values in health outcomes is key for success.

“Where Health Matters and Support Begins.”

The Dennelisse LHCSA, a NYS DOH licensed home health and care coordination agency was found in 1987 by the Chief Executive Officer, Luis Pons.  His vision is to address the healthcare disparities that face the residents of New York.  In doing so, the organization has had the ability to make long lasting positive impact on how individuals and families access care in a culturally competent manner.

The Dennelisse LHCSA’s guiding principles improve the health and wellbeing of disenfranchised children, families, and individuals.  We have established resource networks and relationships that partnered with us in assisting clients.  Our expertise is working with families that have been affected by HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, Substance Use, Mental Health Disorders, and Cognitive Issues.

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