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Homemaking Services

Developed by the Lower West Side Household Services Corporation, a 20 year old neighborhood program, the Dennelisse LHCSA was starting on its own with a contract from the New York City Administration for Children’s Services and the HIV/AIDS Services Adiminstration (HASA).Response was immediate.  Soon the new agency had 150 applications to work para “los niños” for the children a phrase heard again and again from callers who had been moved by Mr.Pons description of the children’s needs, and the agency’s desire to help.  “Para los niños” in several languages quickly became the unofficial motto and focus of the Dennelisse LHCSA, now the third largest agency for homemaker services.

Homemaking services offers temporary help to families in crisis, and the prevention of families arriving at a crisis situation.  Childcare and home management are rendered to families where the primary care giver may not be able to address their children’s activities of daily living (ADL’s) in a manner that is safe and ensures their wellbeing.  Caregiver, parenting skills are reinforced and put in place to provide child care assistance when children are at risk of being removed due to suspect abuse or neglect.  Homemakers provide a warm supportive home environment and teach caregivers homemaking and money management skills.  They help with homework and escort children to school and appointments.

“Para los niños”
“Pou ti moun yo”
“Kwa ajili ya watoto”
“Pour les enfants”
“For the children”

Services include a partnership with HIV/ADIS Administration (HASA)

Phone: (212) 265-8320
Fax: (212)246-2547


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