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Nursing Home Transition and Diversion Waiver

The NHTD Medicaid waiver was developed based on the philosophy that individuals with disabilities and/or seniors have the same rights as others. This includes the right to be in control of their lives, encounter and manage risks and learn from their experiences. This is balanced with the waiver program’s responsibility to assure the waiver participants’ health and welfare. Waiver services are provided based on the participant’s unique strengths, needs, choices and goals. The individual is the primary decision-maker and works in cooperation with providers to develop a Service Plan. This process leads to personal empowerment, increased independence, greater community inclusion, self-reliance and meaningful productive activities.

Eligibility requirements:

  1. Be a recipient of Medicaid coverage that supports community-based long-term care services.
  2. Have acquired a physical disability after the age of 18.
  3. Be assessed to need a nursing home level of care. Nursing home eligibility is determined by the Hospital and Community Patient Review Instrument (H/C PRI) and SCREEN (refer to Appendix F).
  4. Be able to live in the community where health and welfare can be maintained as determined by the RRDS.

Recognizing that individuals with disabilities and the elderly want to remain or be part of a successful inclusive community, The Dennelisse LHCSA offers home and Community Based Support Services through the Nursing Home Transition and Diversion Waiver Program.

Waiver participants may be seeking to relocate back into the community from a nursing facility or other institution or choose to participate in the waiver as a preventive method from institutionalization.  Our clients also include individuals who were once thriving, independent professionals and offered a debilitating set back as a result of an accident or a disease.

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